Joywave: Phoenix, AZ 2018


Joywave @ The Crescent Ballroom in Phoenix, AZ

Review & Photography by: Luxicon Photography

Joywave took the stage at Crescent Ballroom in Phoenix this past Sunday night for a sold out crowd full of anticipation.  I was surprised to see a very wide age range in the audience.  The stage was lit with 6 tall pillars with old computer monitors atop.  The band started their set with the song “Content” from their latest album while the computer monitors began lighting up different pixelated colors and video clips.  Joywave kept the crowd grooving through their performance with a mix of old and new jams.  The songs “Shutdown”, “Destruction”, and “Going to a Place” seemed to be the overall crowd favorites.  They initially ended their set with “Going to a place” which someone from the audience yelled “Where ya goin baby?” after the first line catching everyone including the band off guard and making the room fill with laughter.

Of course the audience demanded an encore and the band returned to the stage getting everyone more riled up before jokingingly telling everyone to take it down a notch.  They began their encore with the short little tune “Confidence” and went into “Nice House”, “Tongues”, and of course “Thanks. Thanks for Coming”. They exited the stage one member at a time while the crowd roared.  Once the stage was empty the monitors all lit up with a little message thanking everyone for coming and to drive safe. Joywave really know how put on a great performance and the flow of the entire night was very well put together.

You can find their music on all the usual music platforms and find them on Instagram as @joywavemusic or twitter @joywave. Find the rest of their tour dates at and make sure you don’t miss this tour!

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