HAIZ: Talking Sh*t

Review by: Samantha Toy


HAIZ is a singer hailing from London, England who has been working on new music these past few months. Today on February 16, 2018, she released her second single, “Talking Sh*t” following “Betrayed” which was released in August of 2017.

Have you ever been in a situation where you had a close connection with someone you trusted, but then they started talking shit about you? Well, I’d say this is perfect track to describe it.

When you’re in that moment from being lied to, so many thoughts go through your mind. You’re angry, possibly sad, and just disgusted how that special someone could just treat you like the way they did. You might not be able to write down those horrible feelings on a piece of paper at the time, but HAIZ managed to do it.

The singer was moved to write the song after she was lied to by someone she trusted at the time. “I knew the truth, and they made me doubt myself by telling me to ‘get over it’ when it was a big deal for me,” she stated in Women In Pop.

In this track of 3:21, it consists of a mysterious instrumental beat with a addictive and an incredible voice. The lyrics are so powerful and meaningful especially in the first few seconds where HAIZ vocalizes about how she’s unable to commit to a faithful relationship when she started to hear bad things about her. As the seconds pass by, more meaningful lyrics are sang into your ears, and you cannot agree more with her on this disgusted situation.

Make sure to listen to the track down below via Soundcloud, and tweet her your thoughts on the new single!



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