Flint Eastwood w/PVRIS in Sayreville, NJ 2018

Cherry Pools, Flint Eastwood, & PVRIS @ Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, NJ

Review & Photography by: Alexandra Schnell

On February 17th countless people braved the snow storm to go see PVRIS, Flint Eastwood, and Cherry Pools at the Starland Ballroom. Prior to doors opening fans could be seen huddled in groups trying to keep warm and singing along to their favorite PVRIS songs. Cherry Pools started the show; I have never seen them live before so I had no idea what to expect, but they blew me away. This indie-pop band started off their set with their single “Are You In Love” which immediately won over the hearts of all the people in the room. By the end of their set you could tell they had just gained hundreds of new fans, myself included.

Flint Eastwood was up next, you could tell from the moment the lead singer Jax got on stage that she absolutely loved what she was doing. Earlier in the day the bands van broke down leaving them without some equipment, but that did not stop them from putting on a killer set. Cherry Pools was kind enough to lend their gear to the band for the night; even though it was only the third day of tour you could tell all the bands were already really good friends. Flint Eastwood’s song’s “Monster” and “Queen” off their EP Broke Royalty were definitely crowd pleasers. Prior to performing “Queen” Jax said something that has stuck with me and I’m sure countless other fans in the room: “There is no difference between you and your heroes.” Jax definitely knew how to warm up the crowd and how to make everyone feel welcomed.

Once PVRIS walked on stage you could feel the excitement coursing through the room; they started off their set with a guranteed crowd favorite “Heaven” off their album All We Know of Heaven, All We Need of Hell. In the middle of their set they slowed things down with their song “Same Soul” which left the crowd, and myself, speechless. Lead singer Lynn Gunn’s voice was angelic on that track and all the fans surrounding me could not stop saying how beautiful her voice sounded live. Lynn was interacting with the fans constantly and holding hands with anyone she could reach during their set. They ended the show with their song “My House” off their album White Noise. If this tour is coming near you I would highly suggest going, I promise none of the bands will disappoint.
Cherry Pools: http://cherrypoolsband.com/

Flint Eastwood: http://www.flinteastwoodmusic.com/

PVRIS: http://www.pvris.com/



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