Forbidden Seasons: Upcoming Record & New Video

Turin’s Forbidden Seasons have released some exciting news recently! First off, the band will be releasing their debut album, “Promise” via This Is Core on March 16th, 2018, and they dropped a music video for “Thank You For The Venom” just a few weeks ago.

“’Promise’ refers to all the promises made by people that are never fulfilled because of their selfishness,” proclaims Mark, vocalist of Italian metalcore crew Forbidden Seasons.

Hailing from Turin, Italy writing for the follow-up to debut EP ‘Paramnesia’ began after their Russian tour in February 2017, with Mark describing the outcome as “really reflecting who we are and the direction we want to take. Both in terms of sound and composition it’s very different and heavier than our last; we wanted to create a deeper sound according to our emotional state.” Melodically charged, beauty meeting darkness, their sound evokes Saosin and Underoath, Forbidden Seasons certainly are a promising prospect.

Make sure to follow the band on social media as “Promise” is going to be a killer record!


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