ChessClub – These Flowers Are For You – OUT TOMORROW

Canada’s hip-hop group, ChessClub will be dropping their sophomore album These Flowers Are For You tomorrow on Friday, February 23, 2018 and will be available on limited edition vinyl LP and CD.

St. John’s, Newfoundland is not traditionally known as a hotbed for hip-hop, but for the individual members of ChessClub who grew up there – Andrew Lahey, Matthew Murphy, James Piercey and producer Adrian Gagnon – hip-hop is how they found each other. The four piece now call Toronto home, and with fifteen years of collective writing, musings, and even a few rebirths, ChessClub are all too ready to release their sophomore album, These Flowers Are For You.

ChessClub’s blend of traditional and contemporary style carries into These Flowers Are For You, with defined growth and evolution. Expect layers of rich, textured, modern sounding production, married with dense, introspective lyricism, in both traditional rap and melodic vocals. Thematically, the album explores a full range of emotions through the particular lens of each member. Chess Club probes questions about the tension of post-material modern life, and the relationship between growth and decay.

These Flowers Are For You Tracklisting
01. Supernova
02. Amazing Things
03. These Flowers Are For You 4. Get Well Soon
05. By Design
06. Modern Man
07. Love What Is It
08. Marking Time
09. Carry The Earth, Atlas
10. Amelia Earhart
11. Beautiful Suffragist

Upcoming Show Dates

March 15 – Toronto, ON @ The Burdock

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