Slow Bloom – Interview

Veracious spoke with Bay Area natives, Slow Boom who have recently released their debut EP, Hex Hex Hex last month. Make sure to check out the band’s EP below, and check out their Facebook page below!

Hi all! Could you all introduce yourself, your role in the band, and your favorite thing to do outside of music? 

My name is Michael and I play bass in Slow Bloom. I enjoy introspective walks and collecting VHS tapes.

Your debut EP, Hex Hex Hex just dropped a few weeks ago. How has the reaction been to it so far? 

The reaction has been great! Lots of people seem to enjoy it.

Individually, what’s your favorite song? 

I can’t speak for the others, but my favorite song is probably Immaculate. It’s a jammer, something you can dance to.

Will you be playing any shows in the near future in honor of Hex Hex Hex

When the album officially came out at the end of January we played some cool shows to celebrate it. We had a duel record release show in Santa Rosa with our friends in the band Brown Bags and that was fun. We’re also planning a little two week tour in April to spread the gospel of Hex.

Before you wrote those songs, did you know you wanted a specific theme to it?

I don’t think it was that planned out. Our singer Jonny wrote the lyrics, so I can’t speak for him, but I personally think the general theme is to find a way thru life. Life can be pretty fucking shitty, so these songs deal with that, and how to over come it.

A portion of you are from State Faults, and Strike to Survive. How did Slow Bloom come about, and how did you meet? 

Our old bands did a full US tour together in the summer of 2013, and that’s how we really got to know each other. After that tour those bands were kind of disintegrating, so we decided to try jamming. The rest is history.

As you’re from the Bay Area as well, what’s your favorite place or thing to do in SF? 

I enjoy going to shows in the city. Places like the Rickshaw Stop and Thee Parkside have a lot of cool bands play, and Thee Parkside also have the best tater tots. Honestly, try their tots.

If you had to relive a moment of your musical career, which day would it be?

Last summer we opened for one of our favorite bands Wolf Alice and that was amazing. We got to play for a lot of people, and hang out with them, and they were very nice.


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