The Wrecks: Cincinnati, OH 2018

The Wrecks @ Bogarts in Cincinnati, OH

Review & Photography by: Kelsey Boeing

On February 17th, alternative-rock band The Wrecks, played to a sold-out crowd at Bogart’s in Cincinnati, as part of New Politics’ Lost in Translation Tour. The Wrecks are supporting New Politics alongside Los Angeles-based Dreamers. The show at Bogart’s marked the second show of the tour after previously kicking off tour at the Cleveland House of Blues.

The Wrecks, made up of Nick Anderson (lead vocals, guitar), Nick Schmidt (vocals, guitar), Westen Weiss (guitar, vocals), Aaron Kelley (base) and Billy Nally (drums), have signed with the recently new RED MUSIC. The night before the show, the band released their second EP, Panic Vertigo, under their new label. They had previously released an EP on their own titled We Are The Wrecks, which featured their hit, “Favorite Liar.”

Feeding off the energy of their new release, the band encapsulated the audience with their high energy. There was enough emotion and passion to make everyone in the crowd feel like they were a part of something truly special. The band had constant interaction with one another and the audience throughout their set, making it clear that they feed off of each other and their fans energy. Anderson brought a kind of liveliness to the stage that made his performance seem like a matter of life or death. He left everything he had on the stage. In fact, his tour manager confirmed that he was on vocal rest after their set had ended.

Both Weiss and Kelley admitted to having multiple technical difficulties. The difficulties left Weiss to play guitar kneeling, Anderson had to steal Schmidt’s microphone mid-song, and even more. While those difficulties were apparent to the crowd, but the energy of the guys and their set would lead anyone to believe these problems were not a big deal. Seeming unfazed by everything going wrong, front man, Anderson, decided to go against the set list. The band played a cover that never fails to make the crowd go crazy, Jet’s “Are You Gonna Be My Girl.”

Through the evident technical difficulties, The Wrecks remained professional and seemingly unfazed throughout their set. Anderson joined the crowd multiple times while the rest of the band rocked out on stage, keeping their presence known to all those who didn’t know them before this show. Again, and again, with each show, the band puts on the performance of their lives. They’re a band that always, if possible, comes off stage to greet fans. They even wait around, making sure each fan who wants a picture with them or autograph, gets one. The Wrecks have proved to be a band that truly based on passion and love, and it’s quite evident through each performance, along with the way they interact with their fans.

The Wrecks can be seen on the rest of the Lost in Translation tour along with multiple festivals this summer. Their music can be found on Spotify and iTunes. For more updates follow The Wrecks on Instagram and Twitter and “like” them on Facebook!


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