13 Crowns: Interview

Veracious chatted with 13 Crowns who are made up of the seven oldest siblings of the 13-member Wolfgramm family, ranging in age from 12 (drummer Nora) to 21 (keyboardist Eve), with 15-year-old Abraham and 16-year-old Tihane the lead singers and songwriters, 18-year-old Isabella on bass, along with Maikeli (14) and Heinrich (20) on guitar.

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 Hi all! How are you doing today?

Hey!! We’re doing awesome, thanks for asking!

Individually, who are some musicians you are listening to recently?

We all have similar music tastes, but we definitely have our individual favorite artists. Bella likes Ed Sheeran and John Mayer, Heinrich and Mik love Chance the Rapper and Drake, Tihane and Eve love Beyonce. And of course, we all love Bruno Mars!

As you are all a family band, how do you resolve any conflict between each other?

Growing up our mom always taught us that communication is key. Whenever a conflict arises, we just try to talk it out and remember that in the end, we’re all on the same team, working towards the same goal.

Collectively, who is a musician/band you would love to collaborate together in the future?

As a young band, we’d actually love to collaborate with some of the newer artists in the industry. We love Khalid and Alessia Cara.

You performed at the Ice Mountain Verizon Stage at the Super Bowl this year. How was that experience?

Super Bowl Live was incredible. It was really cool being in Minnesota because that’s where our dad and his band, The Jets, are from! It was a little crazy performing in subzero degree weather, but regardless, we had an amazing time, and it was an experience we will never forget.

Do you all have any pre show rituals?

We sure do! After tuning our instruments, and warming up our voices, we all come together to say a prayer, and then we put our hands in a circle and say “Let’s do it!.”

Where is a city or country you would love to visit?

We all love to travel, so we definitely have our dream destinations. Italy, Thailand, France, Tokyo, etc., but I think we all agree on traveling to the Polynesian islands first, since we are half Tongan.

You were recently in Jamaica. What was your favorite part from that trip?

Jamaica was a blast! We loved snorkeling and dancing on the catamaran, but I think our favorite part was hiking up a waterfall together! It was an adventure of a lifetime.

As some of you are still in school. How do you handle education when you’re on the road?

We’re homeschooled, so, lucky for us, a lot of our work is online and easily accessible when we’re on the road!

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