LIVVIA: Interview

We had the chance to speak with rising pop singer, LIVVIA who has a single,Catch A Body” featuring Quavo that reached No. 10 on Spotify’s “Viral 50” U.S. chart and No. 15 on its Global “Viral 50” chart recently. Make sure to check out our interview with her down below, and follow her on social media for more hit music.

Hi LIVVIA! How are you doing today?

Great, thank you!

You released a new single, “Catch A Body” featuring Quavo last month. How has the reaction been to it so far?

It’s really blown me away so far. I love reading the comments online. It feels great to finally have it out there for people to hear. We made it on Spotify’s viral charts — global, US, and a number of other countries — in the first week, which I hadn’t even thought to hope for!

How did your collaboration with Quavo come about? Were you looking for a specific artist or did you meet him previously working together?

My producers, Rock Mafia, sent the song to Quavo’s team and he heard it and loved it and wanted to be a part of it!

What was your favorite part of filming the music video for “Catch A Body?”

Definitely, it has to be the fight scene. We were able to bring my concept to life and it turned out even better than I had hoped. A lot of times when I write a song I’ll also imagine what the ideal music video would be, so being able to make it happen for this song was really special.

You’re in college right now in the Bay Area. When do you have the time to write new music?

It definitely takes some maneuvering, but blocking out dates for midterms and finals and trying my best to schedule recording sessions over the weekend helps. The economics department at Cal has been very understanding of my schedule and my music team has always been supportive of my academic pursuits.

As you’re from San Francisco, what’s your favorite thing to do in the city?

That’s a hard choice! I love Crissy Field though.

Who are your current musical influences?

Too many to count! Coldplay is always a favorite of mine. I’ve been obsessing over Sabrina Claudio lately. Also H.E.R., the new Migos album (of course), and I love “Mine” by Bazzi so much.

Do you have any plans for releasing an EP/album or a tour in the near future?

I have a handful of songs that I can’t wait to share but I can’t reveal too much quite yet. There may be a collab or two in the works! In the meantime you can follow me @livvia on instagram — I’m a huge fan of insta stories — @livviamusic on Twitter, and! And check out for news and updates


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