Twin Peaks: Providence, RI 2018

Twin Peaks & Portugal. The Man @ The Strand in Providence, RI

Review & Photography by: Avery Kelly

Twin Peaks and Portugal. The Man have a history of touring together. The two bands, one from Chicago and one from Alaska, been around the country twice together in the last year following Portugal. The Man’s new album, Woodstock. The album put an end to the 4-year gap in the band’s discography, as the result of writing, recording, and scrapping an entire album (titled Doomin and Gloomin). From 2006-2013, the band released 7 studio albums, so a wait of four years made the expectations for their new album raise to another level. Although they have been accused of “selling out,” Woodstock brings a more polished, catchier, and overall enormous sound to their catalogue.

Twin Peaks, a much younger band by comparison, recently released a series of singles that have been compiled into their third album. With a small, dedicated group of fans, Twin Peaks have been able to hone their sound and share it through extensive touring. In Providence, the punky-folky band immediately raised energy levels by opening their set with “Butterfly” and continued with a set of both new and old tracks. In the crowd, those who knew the lyrics were singing along as loud as possible, and found each other to dance with.

Portugal. The Man started their set with  covers of “For Whom the Bell Tolls” and “Another Brick in the Wall Part 2” before going into an anthemic track off their seventh album “Purple Yellow Red and Blue.” A projector washed the stage in a continuous cycle of psychedelic images and patterns, and while the actual members of the band were in shadow, their always-moving silhouettes made for an incredible entrance to their set. From there, the band focused on tracks from their most recent two albums, but threw in “All Your Light (Times Like These)” in the middle of their set as a bit of a refresher on where they came from. Portugal. The Man ended their show with a mashup of “Sleep Forever,” “Smile,” and “Hey Jude,” closing a performance that stunned the audience in The Strand that night.


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