Neck Deep: Portland, OR 2018

Creeper, Speak Low If You Speak Love, Seaway, & Neck Deep @ Roseland Theatre in Portland, OR

Review & Photography by: Ian Enger

I had been waiting since the summer for this night. Neck Deep. My favorite band, headlining the first venue I ever saw them at. It felt surreal. They had brought three amazing bands with them as support so it was shaping up to be an incredible night.

First up was Creeper. I had first seen Creeper live at Warped Tour 2017 and they absolutely killed it. Tonight was even better. So much energy in only a handful of songs. Next was Speak Low If You Speak Love. I had heard about this group, as it’s Ryan Scott Graham of State Champs side project. I was very taken away by their performance. Very calming but also very energetic. I recommend Enough of their new album Nearsighted! Seaway was next and I was thrilled. I had seen them twice before and they bring so much energy to their sets. The Canadian Pop Punk five piece got the whole room of a thousand people moving. Our final band was Neck Deep. I was lucky enough to be remembered by the band, who gave me all access to photograph their entire set rather than just three songs. Their incredible set was met with a breathtaking production that made the night truly special.

Sunday, February 25th, 2018 will be a day I remember forever. If you ever have the opportunity to see Neck Deep live, or any of these bands I’ve wrote about, I highly recommend it. You wont regret it.


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