Gianni Paci: It’s Always A Perfect Journey – New Video

Rocker Gianni Paci who has shared the stage with artists like Ace Frehley of Kiss, Steven Adler of Guns N Roses and the late Mike Starr of Alice In Chains unveiled a music video for his new single, “It’s Always A Perfect Journey” today.

Discussing the song in an interview a couple of months ago, Gianni called “It’s Always A Perfect Journey” a “special kind of channeling.” He goes on to describe how it “was actually written just days after a very dear friend of mine passed away…that phrase was something she said to me the last time I saw her, which was only days before she passed.”

The fragile and exposed track has a pronounced analog warble, akin to the sound of a cassette demo or something of the like. But that kind of low fidelity approach only strengthens the mood, as the accompanying music video features an eleven-year-old version of the artist playing Danny Zuko from “Grease” in the middle school play. The VHS transfer is riddled with fuzz and static, but it’s clear that there was always something special about the kid, even if the path to the present has been fraught with the kind of heartache and tragedy that tests the child within.



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