Review by: Mackenzie Mason


AWOLNATION brings a lot to the table with their new and controversial album Here Come the Runts. Pulling inspiration from Bruce Springsteen, Dire Straits and The Cars, Aaron Bruno channels the late 70’s and early 80’s to create Here Come the Runts. From rap in “Sound Witness System” to indie-pop in “My Molasses” there is certainly something for everyone on their third studio record. The LP leaps from genre to genre as AWOLNATION albums usually entail, making for an exciting and intriguing 45-minutes.

On the contrary, the album seem a little messy and inconsistent due to the fact that it doesn’t necessarily flow from song to song. The lack of fixation on a genre makes the album confusing, irritating and simply disorganized. Although the transition from “Passion” to “Sound Witness System” is seamless, the rest of the record emits a certain lack of devotion to the album. In spite of the songs being quite catchy, the lyrics are repetitive especially in “Miracle Man” and “Handyman.” By the end of the album, listeners may perceive the album as inauthentic. In the end, this is definitely an album up for interpretation.

Whether you love it for it’s spontaneity or you hate it for it’s inconsistency, no one can deny that Aaron Bruno’s determination and strength to remain true to himself through the songwriting process is impressive. He writes what he wants to write and proves that music is completely for himself and not to impress anyone else. Truly an album you have to listen to, who knows it might be your next favorite.

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