Patent Pending: London, UK

Dead!, Patent Pending & Waterparks @ KoKo in London, UK

Photography by: Jessica Piochon & Review by: Léna Villari

After releasing their new album ‘Entertainment’ late January, Waterparks headed to the UK and Europe, with a stop at KOKO in London on March 4th. A night to remember for everyone.

After playing with the likes of Papa Roach late last year, or Don Broco about a month ago, the London rock band: Dead! opened the night. Their energy was contagious from the first song and the crowd quickly started to sing along old songs ‘Skin’, ‘You’re So Cheap’, but also more recent ones ‘Up For Ransom’, ‘Jessica’ after which the band asked everybody to sing Happy Birthday to guitarist Louis Matlock who just turned 21.

Came up next, the American rock band Patent Pending. If I did not really know them before, their performance clearly made me want to see them play again. Alive. That’s how their performance made me feel. Not long after the first song began, lead-singer Joe, jumped into the crowd and even did a crowd surfing race with his bassist Travis, (hard to define who wins, but I would say that technically it was Travis).  ‘You’re here tonight to see God’s number one favorite boy band’ said Joe, (referring to Awsten tweet calling Waterparks ‘God’s favorite boyband forever’), ‘We are god second favorite boy band’ he added and proved during the whole set as the band executed numerous hilarious choreographies. Not a song was played without the crowd being asked to clap in their hands, say some words, raise their fingers (not the middle one).

Finally, Waterparks came on stage opening their set with the opening track of their new album ‘Entertainment ‘: ’11:11’. They sang songs from their EPs ‘Cluster’ and ‘Double Dare’ while the excited crowd sang along and mosh pit. The light went orange for their hot ‘Peach’ and went back to purple for the majority of the set, matching the album artwork and Awsten’s hair, jumper, and guitar! The atmosphere changed for the length of a song as Otto (drums) and Geoff (guitar) left the stage to let Awsten and his acoustic guitar for their single ‘Lucky People’.

Imagine being on stage and wanting to share that moment with your family who could not attend the gig… that is exactly what happened on stage when Awsten said ‘This is the biggest headline we’ve done’ and then tried to call his father (who did not pick up) and then his mother and had a quick chat with her in from of KOKO audience.

The light went dark, the crowd yelled ‘One more song! One more song’ on repeat and soon enough, Waterparks was back on stage to end the night with ‘Crybaby’ and ‘Tantrum’. After that, all the fans left the pit to go meet the supporting act at the merch stands but one thing is for sure: they will never forget that night!

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