Keys N Krates: Seattle, WA 2018

Jubilee, Promote, and Keys N Krates @ ShowBox SoDo in Seattle, WA

Review & Photography by: Jetsper Cubos

Once the doors opened, it seemed the venue was too big for a band not very known. After a few minutes of a delay, the show starts. About an hour in, the venue was filled with the “sold-out” show as expected, said from one of the security guards.

Three guys from Toronto producing hip-hop tracks that rely on bass heavy beats will attract many audiences. From break dancers b-boying on the floor to ravers hula-hooping and to bass heads aggressively rocking their heads out, these guys delivered a great show. You can feel the energy Keys N Krates broadcasted to the crowd, I even found myself nodding my head during the show.

The hype from the crowd was real, before Keys N Krates played their slow, but yet bass-y intro into the start of their performance was truly mesmerizing. With the prism-like colors and effects it certainly made everyone start recording and bouncing to the beat. Mid-way through, the front of the crowd certainly still felt energizing while everyone else was dancing in groups and celebrating with friends and random people in the back. The live performance wasn’t the center point for some of these people, it was more to connect with others and have a great time, as we all should. At the end, with one of their more well-known songs, “Dum Dee Dum” it got everyone pumped and back to the front of the stage. It was a very dramatic, slow and bass-y beginning to the song; like how they started out; even though the song originally is fast paced. It was a very artistic sight to see at an end of a concert, but of course there was the encore; they played a remix of two of their songs, “Glitter” & “My Night”. The whole band came together and played the drums and symbols. Everyone in the venue was on their toes seeing this amazing performance from Keys N Krates, I enjoyed it myself and now I’m a fan on their Spotify page as of now.

Keys N Krates Website

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