Diet Cig: Boston, MA 2018

Diet Cig @ Brighton Music Hall in Boston, MA

Review & Photography by: Avery Kelly

Diet Cig hasn’t been around long, but after debuting their first album in April of 2017, they’re been active with their touring. The band was joined with Great Grandpa and Spook School for their first tour of the new year, from Scotland and Seattle, respectfully. The opening bands quickly won over the crowd with their performances and warmed them up to the main act.

Alex Luciano and Noah Bowman join together the garage-pop band Diet Cig. With simple melodies, clear instrumentals, and relatable lyrics, the duo have wowed their audience through their first EP, Over Easy, and their freshman album Swear I’m Good At This. Luciano’s dry lyrics and unique voice, punctuation with high kicks and bright smiles, were the highlight of the show. The packed venue held an audience that knew nearly every lyrics, singing along and dancing in several groups around the room. The duo and their band went through much of their new album, closing the set with a cover of Semisonic’s Closing Time.


Written by Veracious Magazine

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