Dashboard Confessional: Toronto, ON 2018

Gabrielle Shonk, The Elwins, and Dashboard Confessional @ Danforth Music Hall in Toronto, ON

Review & Photography by: Martha Segovia

A sold-out show at the Danforth Music Hall was the grounds for night one of two for Dashboard Confessional. Beginning the night was French-Canadian Gabrielle Shonk, with her crooning voice she warmed the crowd with a sweet-sounding set. The songstress even showcasing her Québécois roots with a French track. Shortly following the first act was Newmarket’s own, The Elwins. The Elwins played a blissful set of indie rock as the hometown band played prior to the night’s headliners. With the band joining Dashboard along a Canadian route for this tour, The Elwins rocked their tracks “So Down Low”, “Hey! Ya, You” and more.

As for the night’s anticipated band, the lights dimmed and emerged frontman Chris Carrabba, with an acoustic guitar in hand as he strummed and serenaded the crowd with “The Best Deceptions”. With the crowd singing along word for word, a nostalgic feel was ever present. As Dashboard Confessional paving the way for the growth and now, the resurgence of emo, the night was one to remember. Chris Carrabba managed to keep the crowd at bay, filling the venue with many of the crowd’s favourites including “Saints and Sailors” to the loved track, “Screaming Infidelities”. It was no surprise the band managed to sell out one show, then due to popular demand a second show was added. Carrabba has an enigmatic charm that kept the crowd enthralled word after word, even through a time of hiatus the band now promoting their newest release Crooked Shadows via Fueled by Ramen, it clearly shows Dashboard Confessional have never lost a beat.

To close out night one, the band played the ever-popular “Hands Down” as the encore track. It was easy to see why Dashboard Confessional has been the soundtrack of many, with a welcoming demeanour that speaks to varying emotions of love, lust and everything in between.


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