Dreamers w/New Politics: Sacramento, CA 2018

The Wrecks, Dreamers, and New Politics @ Ace of Spades in Sacramento, CA

Review & Photography by: Samantha Toy

Have you ever experienced a show being interrupted with a fire alarm blaring during a show? Well, that happened at Sacramento’s show for New Politics.

Around 7:30 pm, the Los Angeles indie band, The Wrecks began their set with “Wasted Youth,” and they are honestly the best band to begin the night with. They brought incredible vocals, amazing guitar riffs, and the best energy to a new crowd. Following the first two songs, the five-piece band performed new tracks off their brand new EP, “Panic Vertigo” that released a few weeks ago.

Up next onstage was one of my favorite bands, Dreamers who are also from Los Angeles, California. The three-piece consists of Nick Wold, Marc Nelson, and Jacob Wick who attracted a lot of fans with their hit single, “Sweet Disaster” over the course of two years. Just a few months ago, Dreamers played at Ace of Spades with The Maine, so it was nice to see familiar faces coming back to see them live again. “I came back to see Dreamers again because they are one of the greatest bands out there right now, and they are some of the nicest guys I have ever met…They take the time to meet every single fan after the show which I truly appreciate,” says a fan who’s been following them for a few months now.

Lastly, the Danish/New York rock band, New Politics hit the stage with my new favorite song, “Istanbul,” which is off the band’s latest album, “Lost In Translation.” This was my fourth time seeing these guys within a year, and their live set gets better every single time I see them. As always, David Boyd (vocalist) break dances about 3-5 song of their setlist, and it makes the crowd go wild. Following a few songs later, midway through a new track, “Color Green” the fire alarm was going off, and no one understood if it was part of an actual alarm, or part of the band’s set. I remember seeing everyone run out the venue as fast as possible, and some even in panic as they were lost in directions from the venue. When you’re in that kind of scary moment and the band didn’t even know what to do, you can’t help but feel fear. You don’t know if it’s a fire going on somewhere else in the venue, or an unfortunate tragedy happening. Luckily, security made sure the venue was all clear within twenty minutes, and shortly rechecked everyone. Even though the band was short of time, the band still managed to play as much as possible, and ending the set with an old favorite, “Yeah Yeah Yeah.”

If you want to experience an unforgettable night with your friends, make sure to see The Wrecks, Dreamers, and New Politics on their tour now!





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