Coast Modern: Philadelphia, PA 2018

Dr. Robinson’s Fiasco, Shaed, and Coast Modern @ The Foundry in Philadelphia, PA

Review & Photography by: Emma Silverstone

Coast Modern visited The Foundry at The Fillmore in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on March 15th as part of their “Haunted House Party” tour. The opening bands set a great mood for the evening- first up was Dr. Robinson’s Fiasco. Even though the crowd didn’t know their music, they were really into it and happily danced along. Next was a group called Shaed. They’re a trio that makes what I would describe as synth-pop, and it’s incredibly catchy. The lead singer, Chelsea Lee, has a strong and powerful voice that really matches with the music. They got the crowd warmed up and included a chilled-out version of R Kelly’s “Ignition.” Though I had never heard of either of the opening acts, I enjoyed every minute of their performances.

I knew Coast Modern’s performance would be great as soon as they got set up in between acts- there was a Lite Brite, a glitter lava lamp, and a gummy bear lamp placed on top of the amps. One of the first songs they did was a cover of MGMT’s “Electric Feel.” The stage was small but that didn’t stop lead singer Luke Atlas from jumping around and performing as though it was ten times bigger. Guitarist Coleman Trapp faced an interesting business proposition- in between songs, an audience member asked him how much he would charge for the man to buy his shirt. To be fair, it was a pretty cool shirt-but he said it wasn’t for a sale and the show continued. The band played hits like “Guru,” “Hollow Life,” and “Dive.” They’ve got such great songs that would be perfect for a beach day, it was a shame they came to town during the chilly month of March.

If you’re interested in seeing Coast Modern on one of the remaining dates of their Haunted House Party tour, check out the list of cities at

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