Knocked Loose: Portland, OR 2018

Year of the Knife, Jesus Piece, Terror, and Knocked Loose @ Analog Theatre in Portland, OR

Review & Photography by: Ian Enger

This show was definitely not my usual scene, it being my first hardcore show. Both nervous and excited, I was here and ready. Year of the Knife was first and really set the scene for what tonight would hold: lots of spin kicks and punches. Up next was Jesus Piece. So kind but yet so aggressive and angry! Terror was next. As soon as they hit the stage it was an instant change in energy, going from the calm to utter chaos. Knocked Loose was our headliner and let me say, 40 minutes of pure screaming and riffs was absolutely incredible! As I said before this was my first hardcore show and I was very out of my element; but I would love to do it all over again. Do NOT miss Knocked Loose if they ever roll through your town.




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