Barns Courtney: London, UK 2018

BlackWaters, W.A.T.P & Barns Courtney @ Scala in London, UK

Words and Photography by: Léna Villari

The evening started with the energetic Guildford punk rock band: BlackWaters. The show was sold out and the main room was already crowded for the opening act, singing along and dancing, setting the Rock & Roll ambiance of the night. After dropping the mic two times at the end of the set, the band left the stage and the crowd welcomed the next act: Will And The People (aka W.A.T.P). If I already knew Black Waters and Barns Courtney, I was happy to discover W.A.T.P. Jumping a thousand times, hugging each other and playing around, it was a show for the ears but also for the eyes and their craziness was more than contagious.

Finally Barns Courtney came on stage and as soon as he played the first chord, the crowd was transported, singing, screaming and dancing. Glitter and Gold, Fire, and my favorite: Never Let You Down, resonated in Scala while Barns danced on stage and crowd surfed, almost falling on his way back to the pit separating the stage from the audience. We’ve seen singers standing on the drums, but it was the first time I saw one falling on the drummer and continue to sing, laying on his laps.

And what would be a good Rock & Roll gig if there’s no destruction? Before leaving the stage and coming back for the encore, Barns Courtney completely exploded his acoustic guitar on the floor and came back a few minutes after to do a cover of Bowie and conclude the night.


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