I The Mighty & Our Last Night: Baltimore, MD 2018

Don Broco, I The Mighty, & Our Last Night @ Baltimore Soundstage in Baltimore, MD

Review & Photography by: Marie Newby

Out on the Selective Hearing Tour, four fantastic bands made a stop in Maryland at the Baltimore Soundstage on a Friday night. The crowd was pumped for the band, Don Broco. As the music in the venue slowly faded into silence, loud screams erupted from the crowd as the lights on stage came on. The band members of Don Broco came on stage and instantly jumped into the song, “Everybody”. The band members were very energetic, and along with the crowd they never stopped moving. Don Broco’s set was full of energy from start to finish, and as they finished their last song  “Pretty”, the singer asked for the crowd to create a wall of death.

Soon as I the Mighty took the stage, and they started their set with “Lady of Death”. The lead singer’s voice was amazing. His voice and the music fit so well together, and it was really nice to hear. Having not heard much of their music to begin with, after seeing them live they are definitely a band worth checking out. Overall, every song they performed that night was just phenomenal.

Our Last Night was the last band to take the stage. The crowd was ready for them as they came on stage, and the second the first song began the crowd went wild. At some point during the set, the lead singer climbed into the crowd singing with them. A few songs later, OLN began performing their cover of “Shape of You” and it was pretty decent. Their entire set was just general wild, and pretty great.   
Check out all the bands!

Don Broco // https://www.facebook.com/donbroco/

I The Mighty // https://www.facebook.com/ithemighty/

Our Last Night // https://www.facebook.com/ourlastnightband/


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