Timeflies: Baltimore, MD 2018

Bryce Vine & Timeflies @ Baltimore Soundstage in Maryland

Review & Photography by: Marie Newby
On a Sunday night, the Baltimore Soundstage was filled with people waiting for Bryce Vine and Timeflies to take the stage. The crowd was pretty excited for Bryce Vine, and before he even came on stage loud screamings erupted from the crowd. Bryce Vine is a pretty energetic person, and from that you could tell he was really into the music. He was constantly on the move across the stage. An amazing moment during his set was during a song his DJ pulled out a trumpet and began playing. The song was phenomenal, and the crowd loved it.

Before Timeflies took the stage, the stage lights turned on, and a mix of various songs began to fill the venue. The crowd was pumped and filling with anticipation as they waited for the singer to come out on stage. Timeflies started the show with “All The Way”, and the crowd went wild. They performed various known songs that flowed together. The minute the intro of “Under the Sea”, the crowd sang their heart out to that song. The overall setup for the stage was really nice. They had nice visuals playing behind the DJ and the lights helped make it all fit together nicely. It was an overall pleasing sight.
Check out both of these groups out!

Bryce Vine // https://www.facebook.com/brycevine/

Timeflies // https://www.facebook.com/timeflies/



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