Dodie: Brighton, UK 2018

Skinny Living & Dodie @ Concorde 2 in Brighton, England

Review & Photography by: Tamara Watts

Before any of the acts had made their way on stage, the venue was packed full of people clearly excited to be here. First up was Fenne Lily, well known and liked by the crowd, as could be seen and heard by the smiles and singing along. Following her was Skinny Living, a band from Wakefield, UK, with a unique style and a performance to remember. The four man group had the crowd joining in throughout their set, and everyone seemed like they were having a lot of fun.

Finally Dodie came on stage surrounded by a range of musicians; a drummer, guitarist, bassist, violinist and cellist, which filled the room with screaming. The songs were performed beautifully, the energy of the show made everything run smoothly, and the room was lit up by both smiles and lights as everyone stood happily through the emotional set. Everyone was singing along and enjoying themselves, and overall the show was very unique, aesthetically pleasing and energetic and I would recommend seeing these artists live. You can catch dodie in the US this September!

Written by Veracious Magazine

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