Screech Bats: London, UK 2018

Bloodlines, Kid Kapichi, The Menstrual Cramps, The Survival Code, and Screech Bats @ The Monarch in London, UK

Review & Photography by: Robert Alleyne

The British four-piece, Screech Bats has been creating noise since the release of their self-titled debut EP which was released last year. Wish You Were Here is the newest EP since their debut, and it creates a bold, high-energy, record full of introspective lyrics which comes alive when performed live. In honor of their sophomore release, it consitsted with a spirited punk-rock show at The Monarch, Camden on Wednesday, April 4th.

Their set is passionate and riotous. Vocalist Esme Baker’s voice has a captivating power which draws you towards her as she performs. It works to attract your attention to the music, both as a spectator, and a participant. The themes of aging lovers, and depression underscores music which feels powerful, and unrestricted. These stories are presented in a raw, and unfiltered way are the draw their music – they strike the perfect balance between music to make you think and music to provides an energetic, emotional, release.

This clash feels ever-present on the band’s lead single for Wish You Were Here, Get Better. It traces vocalist Baker’s path to recovery after suffering depression. When performed live I often got caught in reflective moments while guitars wailed and caressed each of her words as my body could not help but mover; “Where once was a fire was a sky that had darkened with ash / where once was a door was all boarded and painted in black.”

The closing night of Screech Bats Wish You Were Here tour in Camden was a celebration of British punk and rock music. A resurgence in the music seems to be bubbling under the surface and waiting to explode. With bands like Screech Bats helping to lead the way, I think the kids (and adults) are going to be alright. Check them out here!



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