Breakout multi-instrumentalist, indie-pop musician SOMME will release her long-awaited, self-titled debut EP on May 4th.

“I started this song on a train when I was looking back on a relationship that I had wished for a while would come to fruition but never did. When I hear the intro synth sounds I remember being on that train in upstate New York in Mid October when all the leaves were changing. The video concept originally started as a separate entity from the song, but now I feel the same watching the video as I first did on that train,” Somme mentioned about her new single. 

The LA based, San Diego native, Somme, known outside her moniker as Jordan Cantor, got her start in music at the young age of 6 when she taught herself guitar, and soon-after graduated to songwriting and mastering other instruments. Following a stint at The Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music at NYU, she relocated to Los Angeles to pursue a career in music.

Drawing inspiration from idols like Robyn, Fleetwood Mac and Lorde, Jordan entered the studio in 2017 to record her debut, self-titled EP. After a year and a half of writing and recording, she emerged, fully embracing her new identity Somme, with a stunningly beautiful record that melds mesmerizing pop hooks, soul-gripping vocals and moody electronics.

In writing her debut, Jordan peels back the layers to reveal her vulnerable side. Tapping into intimate experiences, the record’s lyrics have an overarching theme about a relationship, that while brief had a lasting impact on her. Honesty pours out on tracks like “Tell Me,” which is her most personal song about a friend’s battle with addiction, and the LGBTQ love song “Long Time,” about a short lived relationship that went nowhere and the headtrips that ensued.



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