Violet Night: Interview

Hailing from rural British Columbia, vocalist/guitarist Connor Pohl and keyboardist T.J. Rounthwaite who make up Violet Night, aim to traverse soundscapes as diverse as their province’s landscapes with their upcoming LP, Colours of You releasing on May 4th.

We spoke with Connor Pohl recently about their cover art, different songs on the album, their band name, and so forth. Make sure to read the interview below, and pre-order Colours of You now!

Hey Connor! How are you doing today?

We’re doing great! Our new single “Young Guns” came out on the 26th of March, and we’ve been overwhelmed by the love it’s received.

What is one thing your fans should know about you?

We sometimes watch Nicholas Cage movies that went straight-to-DVD just because they’re so bad that they’re funny. He’s easily our favourite actor, plus his son plays in a black metal band, which rules.

How did you all get your band name?

We just liked the word violet and wanted to include it in our name, then we thought to include night. It’s not so much about the specific meaning, rather the emotions it invokes.

When I hear Violet Night, I imagine a street. It’s nighttime in the suburbs and there are street lamps lighting a road, houses lining either side with no lights on inside, but the porch lights are brightening up the street just a bit more. The trees are still green, the leaves wet and heavy. The inky black of the sky isn’t so inky tonight, with a purple haze floating atop, while you walk home. I feel the 1980s are romanticized in the movies, and this reminds me of those teen, coming-of-age movies and, despite the fact that I didn’t grow up in the ‘80s, of my teenage years, too.

Ultimately, I associate those times with falling in live and falling out of it, all the while growing up. It’s about those summer nights you never want to end or forget, but of course they do end and, as time goes on, you slowly forget and all you’re left with is that purple haze — the Violet Night.

I found that most often watching movies like Nicolas Winding Refn’s “Drive”. There was always certain scenes that reminded me of the name in those films. “The Kids From Yesterday” by My Chemical Romance or “Night Sky” by CHVRCHES also paint that mental imagery for me.

You both share a love for 80’s pop music. Who are some of your favorite artists?

If I’m being totally honest — and why wouldn’t I be? — David Bowie, Aerosmith, INXS, Pat Benatar, Kim Carnes, Cyndi Lauper and Van Halen are some 80s inspirations.

Violet Night has been a band for a few years now. What have you all learned over time? 

Always create music for yourselves and never try to cater to anyone. If your art comes from a place of passion and honesty, it’ll reach, connect with and move people. You should never try to be something you’re not. Watching other bands try to fit a mold that goes against their artistic integrity is painful. Another thing I see a lot of is bands who are desperately trying to be a 2.0 version of an already famous/ established act. Stop. If that’s your pursuit, you’ll just end up a watered down version of the original. It’s kind of like pouring a pop/soda/whatever you want to call it from a fountain machine as it’s running out of syrup; it just makes you thirsty for the real thing. That being said, I don’t really drink much pop because it’s bad for you, haha! 

What has been your favorite highlight being in a band?

Interacting with fans, and hearing from them that our music and/or simply talking with them has helped make their day better. Music is such a beautiful medium and we’re happy to be able to use it to connect with others.

What can you tell us about your upcoming album, Colours of You?

It covers a lot of things lyrically and musically. There’s nothing more boring than a band releasing an album with ten songs that sound the same. The beautiful thing about being independent is we can do whatever we want. We march to the beat of our own drummer creatively (despite the fact that we don’t have one, haha, thanks to Brandon Hopkins for hitting the tubs on the record). Much like colours, our sound exists on a spectrum: from alt-rock, to indie rock, to pop punk, all of the aforementioned peppered with piano, keyboards and other electronic elements. It’s usually beautiful, occasionally dark and morose, sometimes fun and sometimes introspective, yet through all that it is ultimately hopeful.

How did you all come up with the cover art for it?

It was a long process, to be honest. We went through about eight different versions before settling on the final one. Every detail of this record was under the microscope, as a band only gets one chance at a debut LP. We’re confident that we did everything we could to load the bases, so we could take a big swing and hit it out of the park.

After releasing your LP in May, what do you have planned after the due date? Can we expect any music videos, or shows?

Tour plans are underway! Keep your eyes on our socials for an announcement. We’ve got a few more music videos coming down the chimney too.

Lastly, what would you like to accomplish by the end of this year?

Honestly, we would love to tour Europe and all of the USA, so we can paint more people with the colours of you!


In the meantime, you can check out Violet Night’s single, North, and follow them on social media for further updates!



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