PONY: Toronto, Ontario 2018

Boat Culture, Rapport, and PONY @ Bovine in Toronto, Ontario

Review & Photography by: Blaire Norton

I’m always interested in checking out new venues in Toronto and what makes it better, is when the lineup is completely local. In a venue on Queen West, walls clad in scrap metal, broken instruments & colored Christmas lights; it seems fitting that there were major 80’s vibes radiating. Even more fitting was Clueless playing on the screen above the bar.

The night started off with Rapport, a dream-funk trio, that kept the audience on their toes as members swapped instruments. Using keys, drums, bass & lead guitar, the band knew how to sway the audience. Smoothly gliding from pop tunes to garage rock, the music got the crowd feeling it with tapping feet and nodding heads. The best part was that some audience members seemed to know some songs (ever though Rapport doesn’t have a bandcamp yet…) and they even played a new song. Sometimes being the opener is a tough job, yet Rapport drew a crowd and got the audience ready for a night of dancing.

As the lights dimmed for a second time and the crowd packed in again, Boat Culture came in with some groovy soul-pop. This 4-piece from Toronto incorporated musical elements with a DIY(do-it-yourself) twist including: taping a shaker to a drum stick, dancing and lots of finger picking. Although the band stated it would be the last show for Boat Culture, it was also stated that members have new projects starting up to get excited for!

Finally!! PONY took the stage late in the night yet the crowd was just as pumped and excited as they were for Rapport (maybe even a little more)! Following DIY (see above) culture, the band radiated 80s vibes from the moments they took the stage. With matching blue guitars and a daring outfits, this garage pop band began playing. Also from Toronto, PONY created their own energy that bounced back and forth between audience and band. Playing crowd favorites including Monsterand Get To Know You, I was super happy to be a part of this experience. With catchy lyrics and smooth riffs, it’s easy to see why PONY has gathered such a stellar following!

Check out the bands from this bill!!

PONY — https://www.facebook.com/ponyband/

Rapport — https://www.facebook.com/rapportmusictoronto/

Boat Culture — https://www.facebook.com/Boat-Culture-268570850003579/


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