Pale Waves: Philadelphia, PA 2018

Inheaven & Pale Waves @ The Fillmore in Philadelphia, PA

Review & Photography by: Emma Silverstone

Manchester band Pale Waves played to a very welcoming crowd at The Foundry at The Fillmore Philadelphia on April 12th. Joining them as the opening act was Inheaven, a group from South London. Inheaven put in all their energy into their set- the crowd absolutely loved them. Everyone was dancing along. They had an American flag and some flowers placed on top of one of the amps- it was their first time touring in America, so they were very happy to be able to play to a new audience.

The moment the members of Pale Waves stepped onstage, the audience became ecstatic. Everyone sang along to every single word of each song- even though the band has only released one EP and a couple of singles. The band put on an incredible performance- lead singer Heather Baron-Gracie was dancing for the first few songs before grabbing her guitar and playing for the rest of the set. Some of the songs included in the set list were their first single, “There’s a Honey,” as well as other singles “Television Romance” and “New Year’s Eve.” They also played some songs that haven’t been released yet, which was a treat for the devoted fans in the audience. Overall, the whole evening was filled with great music and energy.

Pale Waves finish up their North American tour in Massachusetts before heading back to the UK for various summer music festivals. Follow Inheaven on Twitter (@inheaven) and Instagram (@inheavenband), and Pale Waves on Twitter and Instagram (@palewaves) to stay up to date with any new music or show announcements.

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