James Earl, Duckwrth, & What So Not @ The Van Buren in Phoenix, AZ

Review & Photography by: Luxicon Photography

When I first arrived at the Van Buren on Wednesdaynight, I was very unsure of how the night was going to play out.  By the time the first act, James Earl took the stage, there was maybe 30-40 people in the large venue, half of which were sitting on bleachers off to the side.  James’ set didn’t feel like anything more than basic nightclub mixes of songs with “Turn up!” and “Yeah!” shouted several times throughout.

Duckwrth took the stage with his DJ and bassist as more and more people started showing up.  His presence on stage was full of spunk and brought most of the bleacher inhabitants up toward the stage.  He flipped the vibe around completely and when his set finished the venue had at least a hundred or two people in there working up a sweat and getting pumped for the headliner.

By the time What So Not took the stage, the awkward school dance vibe had completely faded and the Van Buren was full of dancing fans making the most of their weeknight.  The stage setup was now completely unveiled showing a giant silver horse with light up eyes, tractor wheels, mushrooms, and faux plants all surrounding the DJ’s elevated platform.  The room filled with energy that didn’t waiver once until the show was over.  WSN’s performance consisted of Emoh Instead on his platform DJing and playing electronic drums while a guitarist shredded on the stage throughout the night.  The production of the lights and sound of the show was overwhelming in the best way.  It was definitely a night to remember.

Check out What So Not’s new album “Not All The Beautiful Things” on any of the music streaming platforms and make sure to get out to one of his upcoming shows all over the U.S.



Written by Veracious Magazine

Veracious is a quarterly online and print music magazine based out of San Francisco, California in the United States of America. This publication has a team over thirty-five members in six different countries right now giving you the latest information of festivals, bands, tours, and an inside scoop of behind the scenes crew to make your favorite artists shine onstage.

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