Nightwish: Ventura, CA 2018

Nighwish @ The Majestic Ventura Theatre in Ventura, CA

Review & Photography by: Jordan McGill

I’d like to consider Nightwish as a hidden gem in the metal scene. They are not your typical hardcore metal band (most of the time at least) but instead labeled as a symphonic metal and are huge in Europe rather than America. The Finnish band is embarking on a US tour for the first time in three years, American fans have been anticipating the “Decades Tour” since tickets went on sale last Spring.

This was probably the first show I have ever attended where there were no opening bands. Once the clock hit 8pm, there was a ten minute long video introduction on the backdrop and then the band emerged from the shadows. Over the twenty two years of the band’s career, they have been through three lead singers and their latest addition to the team, Miss Floor Jansen, is a complete superstar as a leading woman. Their latest album Decades is a compilation of popular, remastered songs from their previous albums leading up to newer songs going in complete chronological order. Keyboardist Tuomas Holopainen is the master behind all of the songs for Nightwish: writing song lyrics, composition, and seeing the joy on his face as his craft lives on after all these years is what stood out to me the most during this wonderful show.

The band doesn’t have much social media but they have an official Facebook page and Floor Jansen has an instagram: @floor_jansen_official

Nightwish will be on the road in the US until April 28thending in Miami and they will be in Europe for the remainder of the year. I am hopeful that they will be back to America much sooner than later because this was a show I will treasure for a lifetime.


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