The Hunna: Philadelphia, PA 2018

Coasts, Courtship & The Hunna @ The Foundry in Philadelphia, PA

 Review & Photography by: Emma Silverstone

The Hunna returned to Philadelphia to play to an incredibly energetic crowd at The Foundry at The Fillmore on April 15th. The last time they came to town was in November of 2016, so it had been a while since they visited the city. However, that didn’t have any impact on the audience’s excitement to see the English rock band. They were joined on tour with Coasts, a band from Bristol, as well as Los Angeles-based group Courtship.

 I had seen Courtship open for The Wombats back in January, and I was very happy to see them perform again at a smaller venue. They were so happy to be performing for everyone, their joy definitely radiated out to the audience. They played many catchy songs like “Perfect People” and “Stop for Nothing.” However, my personal favorite was when they played a song they wrote dedicated to the person who stole their van earlier on in the tour- appropriately titled “F*** You Mr. Robber.” They definitely provided a great example of making something good out of an otherwise unfortunate situation.

Next on the lineup was Coasts. They played a good mix of songs from their debut album, as well as their most recent release. The crowd really enjoyed their set- there was a lot of jumping involved. They finished out their set with their hit “Oceans,” which everyone seemed to be able to sing along to. It was great to see the band enjoying their time onstage.

When The Hunna took the stage, it seemed like the energy in the room completely shifted. What had originally been a pretty calm setting turned into a floor full of crowd surfing and head-banging. Opening with their popular single “You & Me,” the band really put in all their energy into the performance. They went on to play mostly older songs, but also the new singles from their upcoming second album, “Dare.” The show ended in quite an interesting way- one enthusiastic audience member crowd-surfed up to the stage, then dove back off. The lead singer, Ryan Potter, followed soon after. Once the band had left the stage, that same audience member climbed onto a ceiling fixture and then leapt back into the crowd. It was a crazy night, but in the best way.

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