Epica: London, UK 2018

Oceans of Slumber, Myrkur, and Epica @ O2 Forum in London, UK

Review & Photography by: Marisela Morales

Tonight, Friday the 13th April I caught Epica on their last UK date of the United Principle Tour. When I entered the venue the floor was still filling up with crowd but the balcony was already almost full.

Opening the night were Oceans Of Slumber, a Texan band from Houston. When the progressive metal band were about half way through their set the floor was half full but the crowd already present seemed to enjoy the show. There wasn’t much movement on the stage but it was nicely lit and was great to watch.

Up next was Myrkur, a very unique Scandinavian band. This band is a mixture of sounds like gothic metal, black metal and folk rock. When Myrkur was created by Danish musician, Amalie Bruun, her identity was kept a secret however later on that information has been released to the public. The set prepared for tonight was very mysterious as all the lights were dimmed and the voice of Amalie at the beginning of the songs was starting quietly and was getting louder towards the end. Amalie saved in my opinion the best song for last – “Villemann og Magnhild”, a Norwegian medieval ballad, which she explained was about a troll fighting to save his princess. I feel the crowd would agree as I could see nearly all hands up recording apparently their favourite song on their phones.

Epica was formed in the Netherlands in 2002 by their guitarist and vocalist Mark Jansen, later on at the age of seventeen Simone Simons joined the band and to this day is still the frontwoman. The sound of the band is quite a combination, it varies from symphonic metal through folk metal and all the way to progressive and trash metal.

When the time finally came for the Epica to go on the stage, looking around I noticed that the venue was full to the edges. When the lights went out, the sound of excitement got really loud and I knew the crowd was ready for this epic show. First on the stage entered the drummer greeted with applause and screams, lights dimmed again and the rest of the band appeared on the stage immediately starting playing the “Edge of the Blade” from their seventh full length album, The Holographic Principle, released in 2016. The setlist prepared for that night was perfectly balanced between a bit older songs like “Cry For The Moon” from 2004 and songs from the new 2017 EP like “Fight Your Demons”. Tonight’s performance was without doubt fantastic and I wished it lasted longer, also a fun fact for the end, this was 999th show of the band and the 1000th took place the next day back in the Netherlands.

Make sure to keep up to date with all the bands!

Oceans Of Slumber: https://www.facebook.com/oceansofslumber/ 

Myrkur: https://www.facebook.com/myrkurmyrkur/ 

Epica: https://www.facebook.com/epica/ 


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