Stormbringer: Northampton, UK 2018

We Are GIANTS, Over The Influence, Lilith and the Knight & Stormbringer @ Roadmender in Northampton, UK

Review & Photography by: Robert Alleyne

“Not even Metalica have sold out Roadmender,” jokingly proclaimed Stormbringer vocalist Jimi Brown. The hard rock/metal band channeled all the hometown love possible for their sold-out gig on Friday, 27th April. The venue was packed. Fans, young and old, wore Stormbringer Tees with pride and with the first few chords of “Stick To Your Guns,” the venue was rocking.

The band, who released their 3rd album, “Born A Dying Breed,” at the end of 2017 were boisterous when performing live. In a set full of swagger and bodaciousness which spanned all three Stormbringer albums. There is an element of on-stage pandemonium to the performance which made for a show which felt gloriously spontaneous.

Lilith and the Knight, Over The Influence and We Are GIANTS joined Stormbringer to complete the packed line-up. London based Lilith & The Knight gave an exciting and fiery performance, full of an intense sense of abandon. The hard rock/metal act played a set heavily focused on new music. Lead vocalist, Lilith, spoke with excitement about the new music the band was due to the record the coming weekend, and their forthcoming album.

Opening the night were two bands local to Northampton, We Are GIANTS, and Over The Influence. The latter delivering a breakneck performance. At times Bex Holland’s head-banging was so intense it was a wonder she was able to continue performing! It was a fun set, full of bravado from a band to keep a close eye on for the future.

Friday night in Northampton was a nod to underground British rock music at its finest. It feels like a resurgence of the metal sound is bubbling under the surface of the British Isles, and these four bands are leading the way.



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