Incase We Crash: Toronto, ON 2018

Carried Away, Davin Chiupka, Nighttime in Kansas, and Incase We Crash @ The Monarch Tavern in Toronto, ON

Review & Photography by: Blaire Norton

Nestled in the side streets of a Toronto neighborhood, the Monarch Tavern is a great bar to catch local bands. The evening started with a decent crowd and as any pop punk show should start, with a big slice (rated by band members as a 7/10) from the pizza place across the street. Talking to some audience members to get a feel for the shows atmosphere, I met one fan who had travelled from Montreal, QC to see Incase We Crash make their comeback and catch Carried Away in a new environment! Cool right?!

Local acoustic artist, Davin Chiupka, opened the show with his melodic songs. Singing about his hometown, the audience was immediately drawn in. It was exciting to see such a great crowd for an opening act. I love when bills are put together with artists of multiple genres because there’s always a diverse audience and it’s great for finding new music. 10/10 would see again!!

Carrying everyone along in the evening was Carried Away, a local pop punk four-piece with lots of energy and a set list chalk full of both new and old songs. Maddie Crombie (vocalist) dedicated one song to her father, bringing out raw emotions and definitely drawing in fans. Percussion (Justin Fabien) solidified my love for this music by always drawing me in a bit more with every down beat. The energy from the band was enough to get the crowd off their chairs and standing close to the stage. With a heavy dose of both slow and fast songs, good messages lyrically, and catchy tunes; Carried Away played one of my favorite songs “Start Over.”

Hailing from Ottawa, Ontario, Nighttime in Kansas (NTIK) kept the show going with their ambient punk vibes. With Michael Watson (guitar/vocals), Jonathan Reid (drums/vocals), Nicholas Boone (bass) adding in some keys/synth, the bands sound changes smoothly from punk to indie. And with mood lighting (blue/red tones), the audience was drawn in quickly. Playing mostly songs off of their new EP ‘No Shame in Letting Go’ which was released April 6th, 2018. It was cool that there was more than one member on vocals and that the band incorporated screams as well…I’d never witnessed an Indie breakdown but there’s a first for everything right?! Can’t wait for Nighttime in Kansas to return.

Incase We Crash – After months of anticipation, Toronto pop punk band Incase We Crash returned with a stellar comeback show. Now a three-piece, the band is made up of Simon Austin (vocals), Antony Lena (bass), and Tyler Twigger (drums); and is back to create a platform worth following. Having released their debut EP ‘Constantly Changing’ last summer 2017, the band played songs from that and their recently released single “Over and Over”. The crowd was full of new and old faces, dancing to the catchy riffs. The atmosphere at the Monarch Tavern was bursting with movement and good vibes. The band even included former band member, Prasanth Xavier (guitar), on stage for a song. I’m interested in seeing what Incase We Crash has to offer in the upcoming future!

Overall, April 27th was a night for the memory book and I’m glad I witnessed the new beginnings of Incase We Crash! I will await the return of Ottawa natives, Nighttime in Kansas and hope to catch acoustic act, Davin Chiupka at a local show again sometime. All I can say is that I absolutely love the environment of The Monarch Tavern, the vibes I get at fully local gigs, and the new music I find with every show I attend. At the end of any day, it wouldn’t be a local pop punk show (especially with Incase We Crash) without one of the bands covering Blink-182 and incorporating members from multiple bands on the bill. Can’t wait for the next one!

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