Brandy Zdan – Album Release Show in Nashville, TN on May 11

Brandy Zdan is a Canadian singer who relocated to Nashville, TN, and she is known for writing indie-rock and pop songs with hauntingly gorgeous melodies and edgy arrangements. She is also excited to release her second album this FRIDAY ON MAY 11, 2018. 

If you live in the Nashville area, please visit her album release show at Douglas Corner, and more information on the show is here. You can read below our interview her, and things you can expect on the show this week.

Hi Brandy! How are you doing today?

Very good, thank you.  Coming to you from a chair at the Holiday Salon in Nashville, TN going blonder! The other kind of show prep. Haha.

You’re going to be having an album release show this Friday. What can fans expect from your show this week?

This show is really a one time only event. I’m playing the entire record from start to finish with the band from the recording session. Teddy Morgan, the co-producer on baritone and guitar, Carl Broemel on guitar, Tom Blankenship on bass and Aaron Haynes on drums. It’s rare to be able to get everybody together for a show like this. I’m feeling pretty lucky. These guys are in demand and it will be special having them in one place.

You will be playing your new record, Secretear in its entirety with your band. Can we expect any songs from your previous work?

Yes, we will add a handful of songs from the self- titled album.

How did you come up with the album title?

Secretear [spanish] – to tell a secret, to whisper, to talk confidentially.

You know when something just makes sense when you stumble upon it? As I was brainstorming with my husband and drummer, Aaron Haynes, he kept thinking I was saying Secretear when I said the song title Secret Tears. Thinking we had maybe made the word up, we looked it up, found the definition and knew that was the name for this collection of songs.

I love all the imagery the word conjures. It sounds like the heroic name of someone who is the keeper of important secrets. I feel like these songs are the ones holding the secrets 😉

Will you be hanging out with fans before or after the show?

A little bit of both for sure. It’s an intimate venue. I’ll definitely be signing vinyls afterward.

Do you have any last words? Thank you!

Grab a vinyl out the need down and listen loud!

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