Carnival Youth: London, UK 2018

Talia & Carnival Youth @ The Islington in London, UK

Review & Photography by: Léna Villari

The doors were not opened yet, but the bar was already full. British and Latvian people reunited for music and beers on that sunny day in London.

The only supporting act is the 17 year old singer-songwriter: Talia. With her powerful voice and her awkward speech, she charmed the venue from the first note and the only noise people made was when they sang along to her original songs but also her covers. Her cover of Lewis Capaldi’s song ‘Lost On You’, was probably the most powerful. Playing piano as she said that her guitar let her down at the last minute, she played some false notes but kept on smiling all along and joked about the fact that she was a bit unorganized.

When Carnival Youth entered on stage, we finally understood the use of the foam waves placed all around the stage. The lights went off and the waves turned into neons, changing colour, from red to blue, to purple and green, transforming the atmosphere.

If the drummer is usually behind the other members of a band, this time it is not the case. Emils Kaupers was not just using his sticks, he is also the main vocalist. It was interesting to see that every member of the Latvian indie rock band, had his own energy and visual identity. They all sang individually at some point, from songs in English to Latvian ones, making everyone dance and sing along.

The best part of the set is probably when Emils decide to tell a story about one of their first gig in Camden.

‘We saw a guy across the street in Camden, and he really looked like Jon Snow! But some of us were not sure it was really him. So we just left and then we saw that guy again in the bar where we were supposed to play, and we were like: yeah! That’s him! I mean his name is not Jon Snow, the guy has a real name but we’re huge fans of Game Of Thrones!’ They then told us how they asked for a picture with Kit Harington, and how he refused so they just gave him a cd and ask him to come watch the gig. But when Kit left, he left the CD on the table. After the show, someone came to them, congratulated them and ask for another CD, and that someone was Kit!

Joyful, emotional, bringing two different cultures together, the band gave us a performance we won’t forget!

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