Anti-Lam Front: Tidlig Anti-Lam Front

We spoke with Norway’s Anti-Lam Front that just released their record, Tidlig Anti-Lam Front today. Check out our interview with them below, and listen to their album now!

Hi all! How are you doing today?

It’s Friday, and at least four of us are going to a show with two of the best Norwegian punk bands tonight, so we really can’t complain.

You’re going to be releasing your new album, Tidlig Anti-Lam Front on May 11th via Big Day Records. What can you tell us about it?

We started the band almost four years ago, and we are proud of this new release.

How would you describe this album?

We combine our right to play fast, melodic punk rock with our self-appointed duty to point out and unveil idiocy in all forms and shapes. After three years of exercising this, we finally recorded 15 songs during the summer of 2017. The record was delayed over a year because of a near fatal soccer accident which led to elling breaking his finger.

What is one thing your fans should know about this upcoming record?

We had to reach our mid-/late-thirthies to actually do what we should have done decades ago – releasing a skatepunk record – but we’ve been too busy growing up. Now we’re done with that and about to fulfill our teenage plans. And the result is quite good!

Who are your musical influences?

We play skate punk and we grew up in the nineties, so it’s the usual suspects – NOFX, Bad Religion, Propagandhi, Good Riddance, Face to Face

Can we expect a tour in the near future?

We’d like to say yes, but probably not. It’s hard to do tours in Norway, bands our size usually play thursday/friday/saturday, so we hope to do a number of small weekend tours.

Where can fans reach you on social media?

At the moment, only on Facebook –


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