Brandy Zdan: Nashville, TN 2018

Brandy Zdan @ Douglas Corner Cafe in Nashville, TN

Review & Photography by: Kailey Sullivan

As with many venues in Nashville, Douglas Corner cafe is a spot of musical legends. Called a classic dive and hidden gem, the cafe has hosted many artists like Alan Jackson, Black Shelton, The Kentucky Headhunters, and many others. It is one of Nashville’s more intimate venues and was originally with the purpose of showcasing new singers and songwriters in Nashville. 

Brandy Zdan, like Douglas, is a hidden gem. She has power vocals with a folk rock-n-roll style. She was definitely the star of the show with a supportive band consisting of her partner Aaron Haynes (you also drums for a number of bands like The Quaker City Nighthawks and Texas Gentleman) and also members of My Morning Jacket. The crowd at this show was a different vibe than most Nashville venues. Like most of Nashville, everyone knew everyone and connected through one avenue or another. Unlike a lot of Nashville, this crowd seemed to embody the grunge and rawness and non competitiveness that Nashville so often lacks. 

During her performance, Zdan played through the songs from her most recent album, “Secretear” as well as some from previous releases. She had two microphones, one with normal acoustics and another with a gritty filter for when she wanted to switch the style. Wether playing solo on stage or with various pieces of the band, Zdan was strong and authentic and a genuine badass rocker with a love of her craft. She ended her set with a killer guitar solo and I would have expected nothing less.

IG: @brandyzdan

Upcoming tour dates:

MAY 18– Grimey’s Nashville, TN

JUN 30– Fort Worth Live, Fort Worth, TX

JUL 1– Summer Breeze Concert Series, Norman, OK

JUL 2– The Belmont Hotel, Dallas, TX

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