Ferris & Sylvester: Waterloo Sunset

Ferris & Sylvester who originate from London, UK have just released a new track, Waterloo Sunset.

It’s even led Ray Davies of The Kinks to say, “I like the way they approach the song. Sharing the lead lines by moving around the harmonies and, at times singing unison, then switching back and forth to harmony again gives the record freshness. The instrumental sections are powerful without being overbearing and the simplicity is refreshing. It makes me feel as though I could write for this band. Well done.”

They are playing some huge shows across the UK this summer including supporting the likes of Robert Plant, Gary Barlow and James Blunt as well as playing high profile festivals such as Cornbury Festival, Wilderness Festival, Cambridge Folk Festival and many more across the country. You can find their full tour dates here

Listen to the song below!

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