Future Generations and Mt. Joy @ The Foundry in Philadelphia, PA

 Review & Photography by: Emma Silverstone

Mt. Joy played a sold-out hometown show in Philadelphia at The Foundry at The Fillmore on May 19th. I was happy to be able to see this group play such a small venue, as they’ve been on the rise recently and will probably be playing larger rooms in the near future.

Brooklyn-based band Future Generations opened the show. Each of their songs was incredibly catchy, with a combination of great guitar riffs and synthesizers. Their performance was full of energy, and set a great tone for the rest of the night. While the audience was unfamiliar with their music, they warmly welcomed the band and danced along to each of their songs.

The second Mt. Joy walked onto the stage, the crowd started shouting in excitement. Lead singer Matt Quinn walked out wearing a shirt saying “Philly vs. Everyone,” picked up a ukulele, and kicked off a performance of “Dirty Love”, off of their debut self-titled album. A few songs into the show, the audience started a popular chant shouted at Philadelphia Eagles football games. They proceeded to do this chant in between songs for the next three songs of the set. Some of the songs included in the set were “Cardinal,” “Silver Lining,” “Sheep,” and “Astrovan,” the song that launched the group’s career. The crowd was singing so loudly during “Sheep” that Quinn stepped back from the microphone to let the audience carry the rest of the chorus.

If you haven’t listened to Mt. Joy, you’re missing out on some incredible music. They’ll be performing in Camden this summer as a part of XPoNential Music Festival in July.



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