Rhys Lewis: No Right To Love You

Following a string of hit singles, millions of streams worldwide and sold-out UK, European and US shows, pop-soul singer Rhys Lewis has released his latest single ‘No Right To Love You’ last week.

The new single showcases Rhys’ ability to take moments from his everyday life and pack them full of sentimental, lyrical introspection. ‘No Right To Love You’ reveals Rhys to be a talented and thoughtful musician who puts into words moments from his romantic life others would find too difficult to describe. With each word oozing with tension and hidden meaning, there are few other new-comers who can captivate his listeners quite like Rhys.

Speaking of the track, Rhys says “This song is about a really difficult break-up and I would say it’s definitely the most personal song I’ve ever written.

I remember waking up the next day and immediately thinking I’d made the wrong decision. But you’re in such a weird place after a break-up because your emotions are all over the place, and often it’s not because you don’t love them, it’s just maybe not quite working anymore. I knew that it was for the best, but you can’t just turn off your feelings for someone overnight. It was so difficult for me I had to actually leave London because everything around me reminded me of her.

I went to stay with a friend and that’s when I wrote the song. I hope the song does justice to how I felt waking up and living that first day apart from her, it’s a painful process whatever side of the break-up you’re on.”

Rhys has spent time between studios in London, Nashville, Stockholm, Los Angeles, and Berlin, which has allowed him to develop a maturity to his song-writing, fusing a rich soulful tone with a lyrical immediacy channelling the likes of Bill Withers, James Taylor and Carole King. He has already garnered millions of fans in the UK as well as internationally, which speaks to his undeniable talent for capturing emotions that will strike a chord with anyone.

Make sure to listen to his track below, and follow him on social media now!


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