The Material: Interview 2018

Veracious spoke with Colleen D’Agostino of The Material on their comeback, their new release of Gray States EP, and so much more. Make sure to follow them on social media below, and check out our interview with her below.

Hi all! How are you doing today?

Hey! We’re doing well, happy to have new music out finally!

Could you introduce yourself, your role in the band, and could you give us one thing we should know about you?

I’m Colleen, lead singer of The Material… and something about me is that I grew up doing voice impersonations and accents so when I’m not singing, I’m doing voiceover work for animation in my spare time. I know, super random.. but fun!

You all released a new EP, “Gray States” a few days ago. How has the reaction been so far?

The reaction has been really great so far. Our old fans were surprised and we grabbed some new listeners after premiering one of the songs on Billboard. Everyone’s had only good things to say so far!

Which song is your favorite right now?

Hmm probably “The One That Got Away”. I like how it keeps some of the original rock vibe of the band and blends in some new elements.

The Material began nearly seven years ago, and went on a hiatus in 2013, but came back just recently. What made you decide to come back as The Material?  Would you say your style of music influenced you to bring back this band in particular instead of forming another band?

We were in the studio writing these songs and realized that we could call it something else, but at the heart of the music it still sounded like The Material. We fought it for a while, trying to make a departure from that sound, but ultimately that’s just what comes naturally to us.

Colleen – you collaborated with the producer of Deadmau5 as a solo artist. How was it working with one of the biggest DJ and producers in the EDM genre?

It was cool! Joel is a very talented guy, and I feel pretty fortunate to have worked with one of the biggest names in that genre, especially coming from the rock world and having no real experience in that scene until that point.

What is one piece of advice or experience you have learned from working with him or working on your own music?

One thing I really admire about deadmau5 is that he just makes the music he wants to make. It never seems like he cares about impressing other people or writing that he thinks his team/fans/the industry wants to hear. I think he just does what he wants with his music, staying true to himself, and I strive to do the same.

Can the fans expect an upcoming tour this summer or later this year in honor of your new release?

Possibly? No dates yet…

Is there any news we can stay tuned for in the future?

Working on some acoustic versions of a few tracks, it’s going to be cool to give them a different feel.

Thank you for chatting with us, and the best of luck to all of you!

Thanks for having me!


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