Michigan Rattlers: Ferndale, MI 2018

Oliver Hazard and Michigan Rattlers in Ferndale, MI

Review & Photography by: Jake Merz

I arrived to the venue, The Parliament Room, roughly about 25 minutes or so before the show began only to find that the venue was directly connected to an restaurant called Otus Supply. With that being said, I knew this would be a much different type of vibe than I’m typically used to, but new experiences can be good for growing as a photographer so I complete an open mind about the night. At this point there were only maybe 15 people including the bands, but the crowd began for form closer to show time with the being about 30 when the show started.

First up was Oliver Hazard who is made up of Michael Belazis (Guitarist and Vocalist), Griffin McCulloch (muli-instrumentalist), and Devin East (muli-instrumentalist) from Waterville, Ohio who play alternative folk music. I didn’t know what to expect from Oliver Hazard with not knowing much about them, but they came out and gave an electric performance that left me wondering how they were the opener. Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by their music and how engaged the music with their fans. I highly recommend listening to Oliver Hazard.

Next and finally was Michigan Rattlers who consist of Graham Young (Guitar), Adam Reed (Upright Bass), and Cristian Wilder (Keyboard) who play rock and roll country. They are currently on tour with Oliver Hazard which has six Michigan dates that include both weekends of Electric Forest and goes to to cities which as Indy, Boston, and Atlanta along with stops at Bonnaroo and Firefly music festivals. The room was nearly filled at this point with about 100+ people if I had to guess. When they came onto the stage, the crowd instantly lit up and was ready for the set by screaming. They played an hour set and were kind enough to let me photograph their whole high energy set and I was definitely an fan of their music by the end.    

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