The Great Escape Festival @ Brighton Beach in Brighton, England

Review & Photography by: Léna Villari

If I had to summarize The Great Escape Festival in a few sentences, then it would be of the following. Three days of music, wandering around the beautiful city of Brighton, getting lost trying to find the right venues, and discovering numerous talented emerging acts.

At last year’s event, the festival had a lot of rain, but fortunately, we had the sun with us and the temperature was amazing. It was the perfect weather that made us want to stay at the beach all day, and not be stuck at work or having university deadlines. But why would you want to lay on the sand at the beach when you could attend gigs and explore around? I’m personally an ‘all in black’ kind of person, but you know, when the sun is out, normal people wear their summer outfits!

The Great Escape started on a Thursday afternoon this year and my schedule started off with the Australian guys from The Faim who made the crowd hysterical at The Komedia. They were jumping around the small venue and had an amazing vocal performance from their singer, Josh. It was the perfect day since they also released their last single, “Summer Is A Curse” earlier that morning. After seeing those guys kill their set, I managed to also see King Nun, The Nectars, Freak, Polar States, Club Drive, and The Trusted.

Friday was a bit busier than precedent, and no matter how organized you were on having your schedule timed out, it was impossible to see all the acts on your list because, by the time you arrived at the venue from your last gig, people were already queuing outside under the sun. Lucky for myself, I got to witness the performances from Dream State, Fine Creatures, Ten Tonnes, Marsicans, and Jekyll which was a surprise. I didn’t plan on seeing Jekyll but I heard an incredible voice as I walking, and decided to stop by inside. It was definitely the best decision I made that day!

Finally and sadly , Saturday was the last day and it had the biggest audience since it was the weekend. PVMTS who is a Californian pop-punk band and actor Tyler Posey is a member who opened the day for us at the venue, Volks. For their second show as a band, and the first time in the UK, let’s say that they definitely have potential, but they will have work hard to increase their popularity. The day ended with an incredible and really emotional performance of Lewis Capaldi in a more than pack venue. His acoustic sound and powerful voice gave goosebumps to everybody and they all sung along to ‘Bruises’, and ‘Lost On You’. Only a little bad comment on that gig would be the girl who managed to sing louder than Lewis and completely destroyed several songs… believe me, all the venue would agree. Little advice, make sure you know how loud you sing, especially when it’s an acoustic set.

A conclusion of the weekend? It’s never long enough sadly and I wish I could have spent the entire week walking around Brighton and witnessing a lot more talented acts, but I have good news for you though. If you missed this year edition, or if you wish it could have been longer, then The Great Escape will be back next year! I don’t know about you, but I am dying to discover their lineup already.

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