Faux Bandit: Lyrebird Lungs – New Single

Getting straight to the point, Brisbane’s unconstrained rock duo Faux Bandit are coming out loud, hard and ferocious with this new onslaught of speaker melting, unbridled rage that makes up their single ‘Lyrebird Lungs’ which released on May 25th.

Since their debut EP was released in 2015, Faux Bandit have consistently composed gritty, raw and tight rock that has been perpetually praised and approved by representatives throughout various corners of the music media.

In their sinister fashion, these bandits continue with their polemic blasts on various touchy subjects, themes and social behaviours. This attitude has shone through in their two previous singles ‘Kill The Comedown Bug’ off their sophomore EP (released January 2017), later followed by the single ‘Every Man Is A Pyramid Scheme’ (released November 2017).

Now, toeing the line between passionate animosity and a complete catharsis, their new single ‘Lyrebird Lungs’ — recorded by Yanto Browning at Airlock Studios — grooves throughout the punchy, percussive lyrics in the verses into the heavy outbursts in the choruses and concludes in an erupting rampage.

Unsurprisingly, this new single parallels with the distinct characteristics of the native Australian Lyrebird that is shy, a poor flier, rarely takes to the air and known for its ability to mimic natural and artificial sounds. ‘Lyrebird Lungs’ taps into the struggle of a shy person with a declining tolerance that is having trouble being comfortable in their own skin as they try to change who they are. The end result is a violent mess that you want to re-live again and again.

Faux Bandit launch their new single on June 9 alongside other rock acts including, Bad Sext, Elko Fields and HeartThieves at the Bearded Lady, Brisbane.


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