Reuben and The Dark: Interview & San Francisco Date

Canadian legends, Reuben and The Dark have released a brand new record, Arms Of A Dream on May 4th with eleven songs. With new music on their hands, they be will be playing the tracks live in areas such as San Francisco, San Diego Los Angeles, Denver and at festivals. Make sure to check out the dates below, and read below what you can expect from the show!

Hi! How are you doing today?

I’m good. Having a nice day so far.

You will be stopping by at Hotel Utah in San Francisco in a few days. What can fans expect from your live show?

The live show is where my heart always is. We always put everything into our set. The shows can be emotional. I like it like that.

Will your setlist mostly consist of songs from your recent album, Arms Of A Dream or will you also be playing a handful of songs from your previous records as well?

It will be a blend of both.

You have played in San Francisco in the past. Did you ever have time to explore the city a little bit or have you always had a tight schedule?

We’ve never had too much time to explore while on tour. I’ve been there a few times now though and managed to see some sights.

If you had the entire day to explore the city (SF), where are some spots you would like to visit?

So many. I love walking around Haight and Ashbury just for people watching. I also look at SF through the eyes of a skateboarder… so my ideal day would be spent pretty far from a normal tourist’s path.

You guys are very fortunate to be able to tour around the world playing music. What have been some of your favorite cities you have visited?

We recently played Amsterdam… that city is so beautiful. The culture is just so great. Everyone is on bicycles… the rest of the world should really be taking notes from that city.

Festival season is also here now. What are some of your favorite festivals you have appeared at previously?

We played Austin City Limits a couple years ago. That was really fun. Also played Sasquatch festival last year… that is the most breathtaking backdrop for a stage you could ever have. My favourite festival though, is Osheaga in Montreal.

Do you prefer performing at festivals where you can get new fans or headline shows where fans are just for you?

Both. I love how big the audiences are at festivals but I am growing tired of trying to impress people. It can take a lot out you, emotionally. Nothing beats a show where people have just come to hear you sing. That’s a very special thing.


For all live appearances or for more information, please view the website here. Please note there might be an age restriction.

San Francisco, CA – Hotel Utah on June 10 (21+) – Tickets

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