Ukiyo: Interview 2018

21-year-old multi-instrumentalist and producer, Ukiyo or also known as Timothy Arnott spoke to Veracious about being involved in music, releasing his new single, and artists he would love to collaborate with. Check out our interview with him below, and follow him on social media for further updates!

Hi Timothy! How are you doing today?

Hey! It’s a cold day down in Australia today but I’m having a great time locked up inside putting finishing touches on new music.

When was your first recollection of being involved in music?

I think my first musical memory was pretending I was in a band with my childhood mate playing along to ‘Dancing in the Moonlight’ on our air guitars.  I was lucky enough to have a piano in my home growing up though so I was teaching myself to play that as soon as I could reach the keys.

For our followers who may not know you, what is one thing you would like them to know?

It’s yanny not laurel.

Some producers have stage names and some go by their birth name. What made you decide to have a stage name?

It was a pretty easy choice for me – I really like the idea of a stage name, being a pretty introverted person, it’s kind of like a second personality that I access when I need to – especially when I’m meeting people through music or up on stage.

You released your single, Go with Chymes on April 18th. How has the reaction been to it so far?

Super cool!  It was never a song aimed for the charts or the radio, it’s just been a really nice experience putting such a personal and different kind of track out and getting such a wonderful response – especially at the live shows, it’s a really special moment when I play it.

Who are your musical inspirations?

Mura Masa, Kllo, Porter Robinson, Flume, Tourist, Baths, Shlohmo & a whole bunch of artists killing this ‘Chillhop’ genre at the moment.

Throughout 2016, your music has all been instrumental. What made you decide to have lyrics and vocals in Calling, Something Like This, and Go?

Having management now has definitely had a big effect there, and now that I’ve got a little bit of recognition in the music scene.  It means that I’ve got the confidence to approach vocalists who I really love and admire.  There’s nothing as catchy as a great vocal line, but instrumentals will always be where my heart is, I’ve got a bunch of instrumental stuff on the way super soon.

What came first – lyrics or the melody of your tracks?

Pretty much always chords then melody than lyrics for my songs.  Once I’ve got a vocal line though I’ll go back and rework the instrumental stuff.

According to Spotify, over 2,400 of your listeners are from San Francisco, CA. Can we expect you to come out here in the near future?

Absolutely! I’ve never been to America before and it’s definitely at the top of my list.

Is there an artist you would love to collaborate with?

There’s a bunch of musicians over on the east coast of Aus I’d love to get in a studio with.  Especially the guys at Future Classic, they look like they have a lot of fun.

What is the best way for your fans to keep in contact with you about your future music and tours?

Instagram seems to be the one I use the most these days, I’m pretty sloppy with keeping up the social media but if there’s news it’ll be there @ukiyoau

Thank you for chatting with us today. We hope to see you sometime in San Francisco!

Me too!



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