Breaky Boxes: From The Shelter EP

Breaky Boxes is an Indie folk band hailing from Rouen, France who have played more than 150 year shows within four years. The trio currently consists of: Jean Moortgat (lead vocals, guitar, bass drum, keyboard,) Brice Subille, (vocals,bass, synth, floor tom, harmonica,) and Valentin Quevale (vocals, mandolin, electric guitar, tambourine).

Drawing inspiration from American and Irish folk culture, the band will finally release their first EP, From the Shelter on March 28th. The band reveals:

“This EP draws its inspiration from American and Irish folk culture. We favored the use of typical instruments of the genre, such as the banjo, the harmonica and an acoustic guitar. All, by adding a touch of modernity with a keyboard and a synth, then in the melodies voice, pretty pop.

This EP is the result of a shift made by the band in the style of our music. We wanted to devote ourselves to a music that was more “optimistic” and aimed at making people live something. A music that touches and provides more feelings, joy, as melancholy.”

But that’s not all! The band has also won the contest of one of the biggest festivals in Europe: the Sziget Festival. The were indeed able to qualify themselves brilliantly during the various stages of selection. Out of 500 applications, the band has not only won the hearts of Internet users, but also of a renowned jury composed of Virgin radio, Soonvibes, Point Ephemere and Sziget Festival.



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