London Plane: New York Howl

Review by: Samantha Toy


New York rockers, London Plane have released their first full-length record on May 18th 2018.

Six rockers that makeup of London Plane has made a killer record and an interesting story behind the tracks. On the streets of New York, they found an abandoned suitcase with a handful of diaries. Overtime the band’s guitarist, David Mosey started to read them all and it detailed the life of a young woman named Francis who had moved to the city. With small bits of her story in NY, it became influences for the songs London Plane’s record. In the band’s words – aim to capture her “isolation and emanation, fear and bravery, regret and redemption.”

Living up to Francis’ life in New York, the band perfectly described this lady’s life into their ten songs. The record has influences from Echo and The Bunnymen as well as Siouxsie Sioux which creates a perfect touch to London Plane’s electropop sound. A majority of their songs have a laid back drum beat with exciting guitar riffs. With frontman, Jessica Elizabeth Cole’s incredible voice, I think the songs are even better. With huge parts of someone else’s life story, I am amazed at how much time this band took to not only comprehend Francis’ life but to also word it in their tracks. The more you listen to this record, the more you want to learn about the life of Francis.

You can listen to London Plane’s record below via Spotify, and follow the band on social media for upcoming shows!


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